Personality and Relationships

How your personality traits impact those around you

How Personality Impacts Your Relationship

Personality can affect one’s ability to find happiness in relationships, but it is never the only factor and it does not have to be a roadblock. But an awareness of one’s tendencies to resist or stress out about finding love, and a willingness to talk to partners about it, can help individuals manage their challenges and find a path to a healthy long-term relationship.

Learning about the personality types within your relationship can help you and your partner gain a greater understanding of how you can best work with and support each other.

Projective tests, which measure personality, can you provide you with insight into the traits that make you, you, teaching you how you behave in your relationships, career, and daily life.

Personality Disorders and Your Relationship

People living with personality disorders can struggle to manage the give and take of relationships, especially the frequent minor conflicts common to most romantic partnerships. Fearing abandonment, or averse to giving in, they may cling to partners or push them away when they feel their connection is threatened. Working to achieve healthy, secure attachment with a partner and to trust in their support can help make relationships workable.

How Narsissicm Impacts Your Relationship

Committing to a relationship with someone high in the trait of narcissism often leads to an unfulfilling relationship, even if it takes a while to discover the deficits at its core. A narcissist avidly seeks admiration, from romantic partners above all, and so when they first meet a potential partner, they may be highly charming and charismatic, and overwhelm someone with attention, moving a relationship forward much more quickly than others might.