The Sleep Cycle

What happens when we sleep

We go through 4-6 sleep cycles per night!

Non-REM Sleep

Stage 1

  • The transition from being awake to falling asleep

  • Lasts 1-7 minutes

Stage 2

  • Your body prepares you for deep sleep by decreasing your breathing rate, heart rate, and temperature

  • Lasts 10-25 minutes

Stage 3

  • The deepest sleep stage of Non-REM sleep

  • Most restorative stage that helps your brain and body feel well rested

  • Lasts 20-40 minutes

REM Sleep

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is the final stage of the sleepcucle and is characterized by rapid eye movements, increased heart hate, and temporary paralysis of volunary musclues During this stage, brain activity is similar to when you’re aware explains why most of our vivid dreams occur during REM sleep!

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